September 2003

Redwood Trails and Little Red Schoolhouse with Redwood Essence:

At first I thought there just was not any vibrational magic going on and was trying to decide if it was just me or the essence. I had taken the redwood essence water and it was always profound in my mouth. I always said " WOW" when I swallowed it after having it under my tongue. But in the field and in the studio it was vague at best. Then I saw what I was waiting for: " Orange not Yellow!" The Autumn color, the Indian Summer Color…. the Redwood Color. When I had first started painting the image, the hills were still yellow in the evening. I knew this was wrong for the painting, instinctually and vibrationally. The redwood essence stressed patience and deeper, mellower, richer vibrations of color. Deeper, Quieter….Shusss, Ouieter , Ouiet. Be still so you can hear yourself.

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