January 2003
The original of this painting is sold but prints are still available

Big Lagoon in Passion Flower:

None of the other essences felt like there were actual properties to them but the Passion Flower essence has physical properties. It is somewhat sticky and gummy. When I would let the mix of essence and pigment dry on the palette it would be tacky when touched. Carnival Colors were prevalent in my thoughts but with a respectable tone of cinnamon and okra.

Big Lagoon swells up each winter with the runoff of all the little streams. These streams hold so much of Mother Nature's life sources. When the lagoon is full, to overfull, the lagoon bursts open to flush to the sea. Before this breaching happens there is a silent expectancy of waiting among all those witnessing this unique miracle. A real sense of relief follows when the lagoon has broken and opens the way for the winter spawn.

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