November 1997

Requa Road Overlook, Mouth of the Klamath River with Mustard Essence:

Gloom and depression but rich, mellow color presented itself with the Mustard Flower essence. The full moon was up and shining as the sun was setting in the west each evening I spent working painting this fabled landscape. Mars, Mercury, and Venus had been in retrograde while I was working on this painting. I was not getting my way with anything. In fact there was a lot of anticipation and worry.

The weather was not cooperating either. Deep fog and light rain showers would move in a day after it had been beautiful and sunny. In other words, perfect for mustard's vibration of gloom that appears and disappears suddenly. Mustard assists in helping one to come to terms with deep, unreconciled parts of the past. Rather than experience light, as separate from darkness, the soul is able to experience darkness as a transformative process just like the moon chasing the sun, forever apart from each other yet a part of each other.

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